Gower Bikepacking Loop

  • Distance

    50 Mi.

    (80 KM)
  • Days


  • % Unpaved


  • % Singletrack


  • Difficulty (1-10)


  • % Rideable (time)


  • Total Ascent


    (1,046 M)
  • High Point


    (174 M)

Contributed By

Anthony Pease - Pease971

Anthony Pease

The Gower peninsular is well known for its breathtaking coastline, beaches and a burgeoning surfing scene. What many don't know is that it's rich in history and has an amazing network of bridlepaths, minor roads and single tracks. This weekend loop encompasses some of Gower's finest...
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This bikepacking loop is the result of an exploration trip to try and use the best riding that the Gower Peninsula has to offer. It’s also doable as an overnight Friday adventure that will deliver great riding, wild camping spots, and still get you back the next day.

The route will take you on a series of back roads, bridleways, and trails, through forestry and over high points with unobstructed views out to sea. There’s even a little hike-a-bike across the sand dunes for that true adventure feeling.

There are streams in abundance delivering fresh drinking water should you need, although you will pass near many shops and pubs where you could purchase water and food.

Although I had a bivi spot in mind for this trip, I noticed an abundance of amazing spots to spend the night. All would be in quiet secluded areas with great views for sunset and sunrise.

  • Highlights


  • Must Know


  • Camping


  • Food/H2O


  • Visiting secluded beaches and exploring the sand dunes near Pennard Castle.
  • Riding through ancient woodland and over bridges made hundreds of years ago that really gave a feeling of years gone by.
  • Watching trawlers head out to sea near midnight and seeing them again at sunrise on their return — all from the comfort of my bivi bag.
  • There a plenty of designated parking areas and if you would rather, there is plenty of roadside parking in the residential streets nearby.
  • There is a mountain biking scene locally so you may bump into other cyclists, there is also a large horse riding community so expect to see horse riders on parts of this route during the day time.
  • This route could be ridden on most any bike including a gravel/adventure bike, a fat bike may make the sand dune area a little easier.
  • Camping is up to you really. Be aware of farms and when in doubt, ask.
  • In the summer the weather is usually pretty favorable in this area but always be prepared for wind due to its coastal setting.
  • With it being a peninsular there are great chances to witness amazing sunsets and sunrises, so it may be worth bearing that in mind when looking for a location to rest your weary head.
  • There are plenty of great pubs, cafes and shops along and near by the route which does give you the option to pack super lightweight and rely on these places to eat and drink.

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  • marcel b.

    Great pictures, wonderful trip!

  • Thanks, it was a great night out in perfect conditions.

  • Thanks, it was a great night out in perfect conditions.

  • Selim Miles

    Your bike is so clean, maybe you didn’t ride at all. You are just posing for cover of the magazin or selling the equipment, purposly !
    At least, good photos!

  • It was dry as a bone the night I did this :) All I did was clean the sand from my drive chain when I got home :) Odd for Wales I know ;) Thanks for the photo comment!

  • Lucy

    We used Anthony’s route for a day ride. It was absolutely beautiful. A bit tough in places for a novice mountain biker like myself, but the views made it so worth it. Loved trying to ride in the sand dunes, felt amazing once at the top of Rhosilli and loved the changing scenery through out the day!

  • David Cooke

    Looks like a great route…. I’m a little confused by the 70% unpaved and 10% singletrack figures… does that leave 20% on road? Only the map of the route looks like much more than 20% on road?

  • Yes. And I’d have to ask @anthony_pease:disqus regarding the split… I am guessing most of the ‘roads’ are gravel…

  • Glad you enjoyed the route Lucy, I love the Gower and may try to revise this route this summer :)

  • Its a great route, maybe its a little more than 20% but the roads are mostly minor roads.

  • Colin Delderfield

    http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9544eac834d0193791e69fade123caf36e2e2b8b42479ca4a78b50ccbc5b2002.jpg http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e408e2db811f065b012d5fe234bccc18db22d7366b1af2847c9c94ad88ee122a.jpg Did the route a couple of weeks ago or did up to a point, soon got fed up of looping off B road to attempt unrideable paths only to loop back on in a couple of km. Google maps bike routing saw us on a good route back to Swansea on day 2….

    Really appreaciate Anthony curating this route the Gower is epic; we wild camped above Rhossilli beach and had only wild horses and midges for company with amazing views. But I’m not able to agree on this being 100% rideable, I’d say that th first half is no more than 60% at best. It’s well worth visiting the Gower but be prepared to push a lot on this gpx file.

  • Hi Colin, glad you enjoyed your Gower trip. It is an amazing place for sure!! Which bits did you struggle with, I genuinely rode it all. Maybe a 10m push where I failed on one of the sand dunes but that would have been it. Unless some tracks have been ruined since, as you know, in the UK this does happen with land owners or 4x4s.

  • Colin Delderfield

    Hi Anthony,
    The dunes were the first section, I was riding a Croix de fer with bar,frame and saddle bags and my friend on a Trek hard tail same set up. But also on the steep wooded section and subsequent narrow track just off the A4118 and getting up on to the top of Rhossili down. All worthwhile but a lot of pushing, I certainly couldnt have ridden the descent off the down either on the route you followed.

    Your comment that this could be done using almost any bike does suggest that an adventure/gravel bike set up would work. But I do really appreciate you putting the route up, we put our own spin on it on day 2 after a fantastic camp at the abandoned radar site and enjoyed a beautiful part off the world.

  • It’s a tough one as I genuinely rode it all and that decent I’ve done a few times and love it :) I will agree that its a little wild with a heavy bar bag though. I will bare this in mind when adding more routes in the future though. I am glad you enjoyed though, there are some amazing bivvy spots around that area though aren’t there. I may have to go back soon :)

  • Adam Brassey

    Did the route a couple of days ago but did it as one big loop rather than camping,the only bit I found to be Un rideable was a section of footpath from upper Killay to Dunvant, this was due to many swing gates and a field full of angry cows.
    I can see how some may struggle with a couple of the descents, especially if loaded up with camping gear,I found them fun though on my 160mm enduro bike(especially the one from the cliffs down to the caravan park)
    Amazing views,challenging climbs,we clocked over 5000ft of ascent on our garmin/satmap.

  • Hey Adam, glad you enjoyed it. I have done a lot of it on my big bike too and yep, it’s a hoot!! I am glad you enjoyed it though and THOSE VIEWS EH :)

  • ScottEllis Wnc

    Hi there – I love the looks of this ride, but don’t have GPS. How would I be able to get hold of the route directions? Or is a matter of planning with the local maps? Thank you

  • Do you have a phone? If so, try Gaia App: http://www.bikepacking.com/plan/smartphone-as-a-gps/

  • ScottEllis Wnc

    Thank you! :)

  • Let us know how you get on, I am thinking of doing this loop again before Christmas. I do love it :)

  • Val

    Do you think it would be doable on CX bike without to much hassle?

  • Absolutely, you may want to walk the decent off Rhossili mountain as its fairly steep but otherwise most of it will be perfect for a cx bike.

  • Matt

    Hi Anthony – I am pretty new to Bikepacking but not cycling. I was hoping to do this route with my 10year old son on his MTB – maybe taking 3 days for icecream and swimming stops to keep the enthisiasm. May do some camping + staying in hotels. Can you let me know if you believe this is doable?

  • Hi Matt
    There is nothing hard on this route, all climbs and descents that may be too much for him are walkable and this time of year the road sections will be quiet. Plenty of options for bed and breakfasts etc plus many nice campsites in the area if you would prefer that to wild camping.

  • Matt

    Thanks Anthony – much appreciated. May wait til late March early April but great advice cheers