Interested in the 500% gear range offered by 1×12 SRAM Eagle but can’t justify the cost? Folks have been talking ‘trickle down’ for a while, and today it’s here with the all-new SRAM GX Eagle group… which comes in at half the price of Eagle X01. Watch the launch video and see the price breakdown…

Posted by Logan Watts

Today SRAM released what a lot of folks have been waiting for… an affordable iteration of the Eagle 1×12 drivetrain. The new SRAM Eagle GX has all the same tech with SRAM making a few changes to cut costs, mainly swapping carbon for alloy to get the price down. Watch the video and see the price breakdown below. Aftermarket availability should be around August, 2017. Stay tuned for more info on SRAM Eagle GX.

How cheap is SRAM GX Eagle?

  • Crankset $120-$170
  • Rear Derailleur $110
  • Cassette $195
  • Shifter $40
  • Chain $30
  • Total $495-545

For comparison, at $495, SRAM Eagle GX is less than half the price of the Eagle X01 group ($1155) and almost 1/3 of the $1355 price tag of XX1 Eagle. In terms of weight, SRAM GX group shown above weighs in at about 2,010 grams. That’s — according to our quick calculations — about 500 grams (a little over a pound) more than the carbon X01 Eagle group.

  • Barrie

    I have just fitted eagle X01 and have to say it’s brilliant, saying that if I could have got it for half the price it would have been even better!

  • Yeah, I’ve been testing the X01 group since mid-November. Pretty amazing for bikepacking and trail riding alike. I’ll be posting a long-term review soon. Think about it this way, you saved a pound of weight (more snacks!)

  • I’d be interested in trying a budget setup using the Sunrace MX80 11-50 cassette, SRAM GX shifter, SRAM GX Eagle derailleur and SRAM GX crankset.

  • Janek Kosior

    Is it 148 boost optimized ?

  • It will fit the same standards as a SRAM 1×11, BOOST included.

  • akindo

    I’m building a bikepacking bike to be used for both shorter and longer trips. For gearing, I’ve considered this GX Eagle setup with a DT Swiss 240 or 350 hub vs. Rohloff. I realise Rohloff is more robust and hence better suited for longer, more remote trips, but from my calculations, the Eagle setup is about 900 grams lighter, will result in a less rear-end heavy bike, have no problems with water/river crossings, and will have crisper shifting.

    However, if I do break the derailleur, I’d be screwed, as the entire gearing system is new, fancy 12 spd. and no chance of finding spare parts in some remote country. I’ve read that the SRAM XD cassette driver body can be replaced with a Shimano body. But, how does that really work in practice? Would I be able to remove the driver body on a typical Deore hub and just put it on the 240/350 hub? Special tools required? If this is possible, it means that in the unfortunate case I smash up the derailleur, I could (perhaps?) replace the derailleur, shifter, cassette, and chain with some Shimano 9 spd. setup to see me to the end of the tour. But if I change to a 9 speed chain, would I have to change the chainring too?

    Of course, one could consider that given that bike packing typically takes place in such remote areas that there’s no spare parts to be found anyways, it might not matter much. And yet, it does, as a Rohloff can’t bend/smash the same way a derailleur can!

  • Janek Kosior

    I want to install it on my Kona unit X instead of NX groupset. Will it fit withouth any problems ?

  • No problems there. It’ll swap in for any SRAM 1×11 no problem.

  • Janek Kosior

    Doesnt it require Sram XD body installed or does my 1×11 already run XD and I am not aware of that :)

  • Yes you’d need to swap over to XD-driver, you currently don’t have that. Pretty cheap and any shop can source one out for you, from what I’ve seen they are around $50 or so.

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