Interested in the 500% gear range offered by 1×12 SRAM Eagle but can’t justify the cost? Folks have been talking ‘trickle down’ for a while, and today it’s here with the all-new SRAM GX Eagle group… which comes in at half the price of Eagle X01. Watch the launch video and see the price breakdown…

Posted by Logan Watts

Today SRAM released what a lot of folks have been waiting for… an affordable iteration of the Eagle 1×12 drivetrain. The new SRAM Eagle GX has all the same tech with SRAM making a few changes to cut costs, mainly swapping carbon for alloy to get the price down. Watch the video and see the price breakdown below. Aftermarket availability should be around August, 2017. Stay tuned for more info on SRAM Eagle GX.

How cheap is SRAM GX Eagle?

  • Crankset $120-$170
  • Rear Derailleur $110
  • Cassette $195
  • Shifter $40
  • Chain $30
  • Total $495-545

For comparison, at $495, SRAM Eagle GX is less than half the price of the Eagle X01 group ($1155) and almost 1/3 of the $1355 price tag of XX1 Eagle. In terms of weight, SRAM GX group shown above weighs in at about 2,010 grams. That’s — according to our quick calculations — about 500 grams (a little over a pound) more than the carbon X01 Eagle group.

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