Touching the Sun (an Ode to Trout)

Mike Riemer and Hansi Johnson set out bike-fishing on Blackborows through northern Minnesota in Salsa’s latest film, Touching The Sun…

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Salsa Cycles has always taken a slightly different path than most other mountain bike companies. With a lineage of experimental rigs built just as much for exploration as they are for pedaling, the Minnesota-based company certainly broke the mold. Their latest creation, the long and loaded Blackborow, which we previewed a few months ago, had a debut featuring Mike “Kid” Riemer’s ‘Ode to Trout’. It was loaded up with hand-painted bags and other such utilities that were customized for trips just like the one documented in their new video and feature. Filmed on beautiful Northern Minnesota trout lakes, Mike and Hansi share how their love of mountain biking, fly fishing, and the outdoors are brought together in perfect harmony with the Salsa Blackborow.

  • Salsa Blackborow
  • Salsa Blackborow

Salsa Blackborow

What does riding a bike and fishing have in common?

You can just erase a lot of stuff and disappear… if you let yourself.” – Mike Riemer

Make sure to check out the latest feature, ‘Ode to Trout’, written by Mike Riemer and photographed by Hansi Johnson. Also, make sure to revisit the ‘Guide to Bikefishing’ by Hansi featuring Mike. And, check out our first ride impressions on the Blackborow.

Touching The Sun (Ode to Trout)

Then I realized I could take my bike. If I ride I can get where other people can’t… more efficiently. And it’s non-motorized… there’s a lot of places where motors are’t allowed.” – Hansi Johnson

  • Peter Pascale

    Northern Minnesota hell yeah!

  • John Short

    Absolutely frigging awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing this adventure!

  • Per Thomsen

    Love it, absolutely sooo true!!

  • Weckfors Discovery

    Thanks for a nice video. Beautiful scenery.

  • One of the best video I ever watched. Beautiful. Thanks guys.

  • addwax

    So beautiful! So very right thing to do!

  • Will

    It bugs me that they superimposed a brook trout pattern over a rainbow trout in that picture up there… Cool stuff though. Not really necessary for the fishing I do around where I live, but I can see how if you’ve got a shitload of remote lakes like in Minnesota, a rig like that would be fun.

  • Wonderful!

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