Ride. Camp. Repeat… The Film.

Need a spark of inspiration to plan your weekender? Here’s a fun new short film about a three day bikepacking trip on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia…

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The first short film created by a team of three friends — Dan Mattison, Knut Kitching, and regular contributor Skyler Des Roches — offers a lively and inspiring glimpse into an escape on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. Kudos to these guys for capturing what a weekend bikepacking reboot is all about. Watch it, get inspired to create your own weekend adventure, and find more information about their route below.

Rain or shine, just get out there. It’s fun whatever the weather… just go with a good bunch of people and forget about the misery of the real world.”

  • Ride Camp Repeat Bikepacking video, Film
  • Ride Camp Repeat Bikepacking video, Film

Bikepacking the Lower Sunshine Coast

Interested in the route ridden in the film? Check out Skyler’s Lower Sunshine Coast here. A forty minute ferry ride from Vancouver, British Columbia, is all it takes to escape urban chaos. No more than 5 minutes after docking at Langdale, this route leaves the pavement behind, and enters a lush green tunnel and a seemingly endless network of loamy mountain bike trails.

  • Lars Henning

    Great video. I remember riding near Gibsons in the late 90s. I’d love to ride there again some day.

    What camera are you using? The quality is really impressive.

  • We filmed on a Panasonic GX7 body – it does a great job but has no image stabilization in video mode (hence no moving camera shots). Audio was recorded separately using a borrowed Zoom H4n field recorder. We had fun though, so will invest a bit more in future video efforts.

  • wedelmaster

    Cool. The ride-by-berry-grab shot is sweet!

  • Robert Kerner

    Very nicely done. Quality a step above the typical GoPro footage that many people use.
    Good call recording the audio separately. A lot of films like this fall apart because the shooters rely on the in camera audio and you can’t hear the dialog. I admire your drive to lug that stuff into the woods!

  • Danimal Mattison

    Coming from backgrounds in photography, we set out to learn the basic principles of film. Audio is definitely where things usually fall apart, and we struggled with it here as well, still have a lot to learn. Our kit was surprisingly lightweight and above carrying the standard photo gear we just needed a tripod and a zoom recorder. a few extra pounds over 3 bodies was totally worth it as far as I’m concerned!

  • Catherine Meloche

    Looks like a nice area and a fun ride!

  • Well done!

  • Kyle

    As soon as the video started playing, I was marveling at the image quality. Trail looks great. Well done gentlemen.

  • inspiring! great movie.

    a little off the topic – where can i buy the bikepacking.com produced t-shirt with the bike in the skull ?

  • Idle Prentice

    There’s squatch in those woods! Looks like a wonderful trip. Doesn’t it rain 360 days of the year there?

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