Pedaling Nowhere turns 1,000

… miles that is, and other useless stats. Plus photos…

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Yesterday, crossing Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve we turned 1,000 miles on the ODO. Here are a few other useless stats that we have under our belt for the trip:

  • Total ascent (climbing): 50,630 ft
  • Biggest climbing day: 4,250 ft
  • Days riding: 30
  • Days not riding: 31
  • Total hours riding: 110
  • Days on a bus (cheating): 2
  • Longest day: 64.7 miles
  • Shortest day: 5.6 miles
  • Top speed: 36.4 mph
  • Tortillas eaten (approx.): 541
  • Emotional breakdowns: 3 1/2
  • Falls: 18 (10 were yesterday)
  • Flat tires: 11
  • Most flats in a day: 3 (me)
  • Highest altitude: 8,590 ft
  • Haircuts: 2
  • Cases of turista: 3

Mas photos:

Travel photo ceviche

The best ceviche I’ve had so far (in Tulum).

Travel photo - tacos

Some wonderful seafood tacos from the same place.

Bike touring - Surly Troll

Mike riding in the jungle on the Sian Ka’an peninsula.

Bike touring - Surly Troll

A remote beach on the way to Punta Allen.

Travel photo - coconuts

Slaughtering some coconuts on the road (these were tough to get out of the tree, but worth the effort).

Travel photo - bike touring

Gin getting ‘attacked’ by some local canines.

Travel photo

travel photo

Travel photo - bike touring

Making pancakes.

Travel photo - bike touring

Sour pus when they heard it was going to be raining.

Travel photo - bike touring

On the boat crossing the Cuzan flats to Sian Ka’an.

Travel photo - bike touring - Surly Trolls

Unloading the bikes to go into the Sian Ka’an jungle.

Surly Troll - bike touring

The beginning of Sian Ka’an wetlands.

Bike touring Sian Ka'an

Sian Ka’an all day long!!.

Bike touring Sian Ka'an


  • Cass Gilbert


    Those images bring back some memories – slippery roads and mozzies… Beautiful windswept beaches though…

  • John

    I have seen evidence that the sacred El Tejón de Miel shirt has been dismembered! Long live El Tejón de Miel!

  • Extremely slippery… we had a few spills and came out the other side a little battered!

  • Yes, it became part of her panniers! Looks really cool…

  • I know, I know… getting used to KMs, but I figure most of our audience is as addicted to miles as myself.

  • So, why then did Barbie count mileage in miles? hmmmm?

  • Virginia

    You know I loved that shirt, but now it’s an ever present and more highly visible homage to el tejon.
    Only respect and gratitude were meant by turning your artwork into le accoutrement. Much love.

  • Amee Houghland

    Love the stats! Cannot wait to hear the story about the 1/2 breakdown.

  • C watts

    you guys are looking fit and tan…Sexxxy.

  • Pari

    Hey Quick question for you all, if you still check over here! I am in Tuxtla right now biking tomorow to san cris and then to palenque. Is there a reason you all took a bus from Palenque? We are looking at maps and it looks hot and like there isnt much going on for a long stretch after palenque. We are headed to the peninsula as well to see a friend before Belize and we are trying to pick a route and wondering if we should hop on a bus too.

  • It is definitely long and hot through there. We were simply trying to save some time (the peninsula was kind of a side route for us—most Pan-Am cyclists don’t even head up there). I am not a purist, so a bus is never out of the question to save the pedaling for more quality routes. I imagine it’s getting hot this time of year down there, huh?

  • Pari

    Haha yes, in retrospect I would have saved money for a different time of year but this is what worked for us. Not too bad at all if we leave early everyday! I’m not a purist about the bus either, we’ve got lots of places we want to see in five months time and I am so excited for the Caribbean! Hope your new adventures are going well, thanks for the advice!

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