Pedal to Peaks 2: Norway

After saying he’d never do it again… Brody Leven returns for another round of Pedal to Peaks high adventure! This time, his human-powered exploits take him across a 350-mile archipelago in Norway. In the winter. Climbing and skiing whatever mountains he finds in his path. Find out how it transpired, unexpected twists, turns and all, in Joey Schusler’s new film.

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A small team of skiers strapped an obnoxious amount of gear to bicycles and rode through arctic Norway. Connecting craggy islands by underwater tunnels, they climbed and skied mountains along the length of the Lofoten archipelago. Gear failed, partners bailed, and spirits wavered. But after camping on snow-covered beaches, what they found at the end of the peninsula made them look deeper inside themselves and their motives…

Film by Joey Schusler, Photography by Kt Miller.

In this latest human-powered Brody Leven instalment, there’s more crazy bike touring capers and (eventually) extreme skiing to be enjoyed. Ultralight bikepacking this is not!

In fact, Brody tells us their bikes weighed a couple hundred pounds each, given that the team were entirely self-contained, hauling winter camping, ski mountaineering, glacier travel, cooking, and bike gear around. And if that isn’t enough, did we mention the broken derailleur on Day 1? Or the horn-blasting semi-trucks that whooshed by, just a razor-width away… down tunnels 6km long?

Pedals to Peaks 2

“We rode SKLAR bikes, handmade for each of us in Bozeman, Montana. Joey had a wild amount of production equipment on his bike (without a trailer) and his personal gear, while I carried my gear and the group camping and cooking gear.”

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  • Pedals to Peaks 2

Pedals to Peaks 2

“We rode for 2 weeks, covering about 300 miles, and skied 5 days, including the highest peak in the region.This was a follow-up to a couple of other Pedal To Peaks trips that I’ve done, both of which have been so hard. The riding on this one was much, much easier, and we enjoyed decision candy at every gas station we encountered,” says Brody. “I love Scandinavian candy,” he adds, as if clarification was required.

Something of a glutton for punishment, Brody’s past Pedals to Peaks endeavours include riding bicycles from Portland to Seattle in 2014… the hard way. Loaded with a similar payload, Abe Greenspan and Brody climbed over 55,000 vertical feet throughout their 500-mile trip. En route, they skied Mount Adams, Mount Saint Helens, and Mount Rainier.

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  • Pedals to Peaks 2

Pedals to Peaks 2

  • Davin Spridgen

    As a snowboarder, and watching these guys haul all that crap, there has GOT to be a better way to carry that gear. maybe like a surf rack on the side for the skis/snowboard? I know the mountaineering element adds a lot of crap, but god damn. That’s so much shit. I wonder if he would have done it differently if he had to do it again.

  • Brody Leven

    Thanks for the comment! Totally; it sure is a lot of stuff. I’ve done bike and ski trips multiple times, and this one required the most stuff. One reason is because we had a RED camera, multiple lenses, batteries, a laptop, a Ronin, a tripod, hard drives…in addition to full ski mountaineering gear. It’s a lot, and it’s heavy, but the way we carried it is, in my experience, absolutely the best way to do so. There are lots of elements to consider, such as the ability to attach/detach it all quickly and frequently, access to camera gear, waterproofness, etc.
    Hope you liked the film!

  • Davin Spridgen

    Oh yeah man I went and watched the first video as well. It was cool to see both back to back. I miss the PNW so it struck a cord :)

  • Marco de Vries

    Great film Brody. I’ve skied there. Did the Imsomnia bike ride. But this brings it all together. Not sonething for the weakhearted.

  • Brody Leven

    thanks! Not sure what the insomnia bike ride is, but it sure doesn’t sound easy! Glad you got to visit this beautiful part of the world, too.

  • That is amazing!! Beautifully shot and edited. I may make another coffee and watch it all over again :)

  • Daniel Rensfeldt

    Hi Brody, whats the name of the trailer?

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