The Oregon Outback, by Ultranaut

Back in May, three gents from British Columbia ventured South to cycle the Oregon Outback. They came back with this unique film to document the journey…

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In May 2017, the Ultranaut Cycling crew threw their bikes in a rental car and cruised South into the dirt-caked hills of Oregon. Their mission was to bikepack the epic Oregon Outback route, consume their fair share of whiskey and freeze dried foodstuffs, and have a splendid time. Hailing from the rain soaked forests of British Columbia, the boys schlepped roughly 60% of their weight in water, but it was rarely enough. Some 600km, 4,500m and 17,000 calories later, they emerged from the hills, sweaty, drunk and victorious. This is that story.

  • Oregon Outback
  • Oregon Outback

Oregon Outback

Justin Turcotte – Camera/Edit
Matthew Sipple – Camera/Colour

‘For A Few Dollars More’ Title Theme – Ennio Morricone
‘Let It Ride’ – Ryan Adams

This film was shot on a hodge podge of old and new GoPros and cellular phones. This is a personal project and no commercial usage or monetization is intended.

Justin Turcotte

About Justin Turcotte

Justin is a freelance director, cinematographer and editor who works in television, corporate, and documentary production. He is currently an in-house video producer and studio manager in British Columbia, Canada. In addition to his work behind the lens he can frequently be found taking in gravel miles, providing mid-pack fodder at local CX races or drinking whiskey while tending to his garden. Follow Justin and Ultranaut on Instagram @ultranautcycling.

  • Rob Grey

    it’s so close, there’s no way i can justify not doing it

  • Randy

    Got the chills. This tour was the most fun I’ve ever had on a bike, period. Crazy how much the weather changes; we did it in (late) June of this year, and there was absolutely ZERO need for a jacket at any point.

  • Scott Felter

    ‘Let it Ride’ is the best track on “Cold Roses” : fact.

  • the_noblest_invention

    One of the best bikepacking vids I’ve seen in a while. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jered Bogli

    Such a fun ride! brought back many memories!

  • Bill White

    Those dogs made me jump!! haha

  • Jason Wingo

    Nice video guys, looked like a super rad trip!

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