FilmFestFriday: 4 vids to make you want to quit your job & go by bike

Here are four great videos that may make you want to hand over a resignation letter, pack up a bicycle and just go. Or, they may just give you something to grin about as you while away your Friday afternoon.

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Before setting out on our recent tour through Central America I had people ask, ‘Why do you want to do that?’ Or, ‘Are you crazy?’ Many folks don’t understand why someone would choose to travel on a bicycle. So in this fist installment of FilmFestFriday, I put together 4 videos that I feel capture the magic of Bicycle touring. Maybe they’ll make you want to quit your job and pack up a bike. Or maybe they’ll just give you a good feeling as you waste time on a Friday. Enjoy.

Cycling Central Asia

by Pete and Mary

I love this video. It simply and eloquently captures the struggles, joy and cultural marvels that you can experience traveling by bicycle. It’s several months on a the rugged road whittled down to several minutes of magic. However, there is a sadness that goes along with it. While we were on tour, we heard that Pete and Mary were struck and killed by a truck in Thailand. Although I never knew them, I feel we share the same spirit and a common bond. R.I.P.

Cycling Central Asia from on Vimeo.

The Road From Karakol

by Kyle Dempster, Fitz Cahall and Austin Siadak

In the summer of 2011 Kyle took off across Kyrgystan to pedal and climb. This guy is funny and his zest for life is immediately contagious. This is a bike film. And a climbing film. And a winner at the 5 Point Film Festival. It’s also a long one, so waste away!

The Road From Karakol from Outdoor Research on Vimeo.

Cycling Great Britain

By Aaron Ortiz

This is an extremely well done video and does a very good job at capturing the trip as a whole. Excellent quality, and fun. It may put a little smile on your face.

Cycling Great Britain from Aaron Ortiz on Vimeo.

Cycle Touring the Tibetan Plateau

By Dave A

This is an oldie-but-goody. It was created five years ago as ‘an attempt at providing a glimpse into the challenging, exciting, and incredibly rewarding world of cycle touring.’. To me this video does a good job at capturing part of the ride. I love the last few frames.

Cycle Touring the Tibetan Plateau from Dave A on Vimeo.

About FilmFestFriday

In the slim chance that someone reading this may have known me on Twitter in my former life, may have see my Friday Playlist. I enjoyed curating a playlist of music every Friday that captured a mood, music genre or concept. I decided to move that energy to Pedaling Nowhere and create a once a month video playlist. There are a lot of great bike videos out there, so check back every third Friday.

  • Jose

    Thanks for the video compilation! Had a great last hour watching all of them. One fail I noticed about the “Road from Karakol”. In the video at 19:13 it shows the guy crossing the river with a yellow/black Specialized bike with gripshift shifters, while the whole movie has been made with a yellow only bike with XT rapid fire shifters, as it shows again at 19.25. Just a comment from a bike obsessed viewer! ;-)

  • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them…

  • Mark Troup

    Search “I Want to See the World” on youtube. Currently a series of four videos with a trailer for number five. They are fantastic. Set aside a few hours for this–you’re going to end up binge-watching.

  • Man, that’s great stuff! Thanks for sharing… may go on the site this week!

  • Luke Cropper

    YouTube has so many great videos now, J Ellis though has some really well edited videos, his big hitter is “Ep1. Eastern Europe Cycle Adventure Video” however I think his latest “Ep3. BICYCLE TOURING the WW1 BATTLEFIELDS Video – London to Berlin” is one of the best edited cycle tour videos online. Check them out. Also noticed yesterday a great video long Hadrian’s Wall called “Hadrian’s Wall Epic Bike Touring ADVENTURE!” this is worth a watch as well. Hope you all enjoy

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