Comes with Baggage

Blackburn’s ‘Comes with Baggage’ is now free! If you haven’t yet seen this 2015 gem, it’s a must-watch 18 minute documentary on the history of bike travel… from boneshakers to bikepacking.

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As of yesterday, Blackburn released their film, Comes with Baggage to watch for free. To set the stage, Comes With Baggage is a lighthearted history of bicycle travel in the Americas. Past and recent footage, along with interviews of bike pioneers, makers, and historians are combined to give a unique perspective on where bicycles can take you, both physically and spiritually. Like a lot of great bikepacking movies, this one will make you want to sell your possessions, quit your job and escape on a bike.

  • jamie

    Awesome. Thank you for sharing!

  • alex borgen

    While production was well done, I’m extremely disappointed that they didn’t mention anything about how bicycles played a pivotal role in turn-of-the-century women’s right’s movement, or early female adventure cyclists. I am also frustrated that they only talked to one woman throughout the entire video. It felt like glaring erasure… shame.

  • Joe Kurmaskie

    I too enjoyed this doc and know most of the folks interviewed but noted the lack of women interviewed and their contributions. I’m busy at work on my latest book which covers a true turn of the century female racer and adventure cyclist Evelyn Hamilton – the book, Lightning In A Saddle and the screenplay I completed last summer and sold to Alsea Entertainment really fill in some gaps missing in this doc. see for more.

  • Doug Nielsen

    Thanks for sharing. Sorry our society has turned into people getting offended by every damn little thing. Thanks again.

  • George Laking

    I enjoyed it. Looking forward to the Evelyn Hamilton movie. And I saw a photo of Laura and Russ in there from The Path Less Pedalled. Good use of stroopwaffels.

  • Judson

    Reminds me of cross country ride with American Youth Hostels 3000 miles Brooklyn to Vancouver on an Atala Gran Prix. We camped out every night for two months. The two questions most asked:

    1. Where did you come from on those bikes?
    2. Where are you going?

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