The Al Hajar Traverse: Bikepacking Oman

A mesmerizing film following three riders as they experience the landscape, culture and history of the Al Hajar Mountains while bikepacking through Oman…

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The US. National Whitewater Center’s EXPLORE. Series traveled to the Sultanate of Oman to traverse the Al Hajar Mountains by bike. It didn’t take long to realize that things would not go as planned.

  • Al Hajar Traverse, Bikepacking Oman Film
  • Al Hajar Traverse, Bikepacking Oman Film

There will always be problems along the way. But just as often, there are solutions to the problems. And in the end, Plan B could have just as easily been Plan A…”

Visit the U.S. National Whitewater Center’s story site for more on the trip…

DIRECTED: Tyler Allyn + Cooper Lambla
MUSIC: Fellini Félin (Macadam-Dorian and The Dawn Riders), Agnes Obel (Familiar), King Creosote (You Just Want)
FEATURING: The Al Hajar Mountains, The Generous People of the Sultanate of Oman, Saqr Tyler Allyn, Tim Koerber, Cooper Lambla

  • Matthew Crompton

    A really gorgeous bit of cinematography, this. Superb sense of mood throughout. I’m also finding, now, as I ride across the eastern Tibetan Plateau, that Plan B could just as easily have been Plan A, but that Plan B is often just as wonderful. Thanks for this! =)

  • Pedro Blasco

    Great movie and adventure. I have been in the UAE side of that area several times and I must say that those mountains are amazing. There is a hiking trail called “Stairway to Heaven” starting near Ras Al Khaimah that leads you to Oman through an impossible route with staircases made of rocks. We must think that these people were fishermen, shepherds and traders before becoming oil producers and they used to use these routes to go from place to place. Any plan is wonderful as long as you have a bike to ride :-)

  • Will

    That second song (by Agnes Obel) is so haunting! Awesome filming too. What’s the connection to the Whitewater Center though? These guys olympic paddlers or something?

  • WWC produces the EXPLORE film series…

  • Martijn

    Fantastic! Being so flexible that you leave your bike and start hiking! Respect for you guys, very inspiring!!

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