Across the Yucatan: Sink holes and Sacrifice

A blazing ride from Merida across the Yucatan…

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Merida is the beautiful colonial capital of the Yucatan. We spent several days here eating and shopping for a few travel essentials. We left out expecting an easy flat ride across the peninsula. It turned out to be flat, but not so easy. Headwinds and heat made it interesting. Logan and I practiced drafting which definitely made the miles go by quicker.

We visited a couple of cenotes between Merida and Chichen Itza. A cenote is a limestone sink hole that is usually full of crystal clear water with an intense blue-green hue. The Yucatan peninsula has boat loads of these geographic formations. The reason being is likely the result of the same meteor which caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 65ish million years ago. Our first night on the 4 day journey, we camped and swam at Yokdzonot Cenote. Quite refreshing after a long 64 mile ride.


Strange hairless pigs at Cenote San Ignasio

Bike Touring - Cenote

Yokdzonot is about 150′ deep. Wonderful swimming post-ride and the next morning.

Chichen Itza

1 of the new wonders of the world. A marvel of Mayan astronomy is the Castillo temple …

Chichen Itza

Castillo Temple

Chichen Itza

The ball court.

Chichen Itza

The Tzompantli, or Skull Platform (Plataforma de los Cráneos)

Chichen Itza

Remarkable stonework, almost Asian felling.

Bike Touring Quintana Roo

Crossing into Quintant Roo, our 7th state.

Cochinita Is some kind of magical pig based food. when an individual Who hails from the BBQ capital of the US ( or at the very least, the eastern US) who was also, until very recently, a vegetarian says it’s amazing, you’ve got to believe it. Cooking the pig involves the use of some sort of sour orange and a very long stewing kind of process, which I think also involves a pit in the earth and, most definitely, some kind of fairy dust. Look it up.


Cochinita Pibil gives NC BBQ a run for it’s money.

There’s no translation for the word ” love” in the Mayan languages. Just a little tid bit we picked up from an incredibly genial Mayan fellow we met at a cervecerita in Vallodolid. He is the same fellow who led us to the most incredible cochinita torta stand. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

Travel Photo - Vallodid

Travel Photo - Vallodid

Surly Troll Bike Tour

A 250 peso room in Coba. The requisite number of cervezas required to sleep in this place resulted in yours truly being deemed a borracha by a convenient store owner who, at least I hope, didn’t know that I can understand some Spanish. Unfortunately, a 3 person tent does not fit on a double bed, but at least its ground cover does.

Bike touring tent

Gin trying to have the tent shelter us from the 250 peso room.

Finally, the Caribbean Sea. i’ve been really itching to get here (quite literally, but i wont bore anyone with the details). the water is such an incredible hue and the sand here in Tulum is the softest, whitest sand I’ve ever seen, but perhaps the most incredible sight are the stars at night.

A few lessons learned here: A $30 teepee on the beach in Tulum is a very romantic idea as long as you don’t mind being thoroughly exfoliated. Topless swimming is allowed. Bottomless is frowned upon. Don’t worry, I learned that one via observation only.’

Headwinds are a bitch, but drafting rules. Thank you Logan.

Travel photo - Tulum bike touring

Our teepee at KM7.1 teepee village.

Travel photo - Tulum ruins

The ruins at Tulum.

Travel photo - Tulum

Travel photo - Iguana

Travel photo - Tulum

  • Amee Houghland

    Love it Ginny! And I love how I can picture you talking and can hear your voice when I read your posts.

  • I agree with Amy. It’s so lovely to hear you while reading your words. I knew the pork-force would get you sooner or later. That plate of food looks divine. Miss you something terrible!

  • Virginia

    Thanks for your comments. I’m pretty lazy with the posts. Blogging isn’t really my style, or never has been before, but y’all are very encouraging. I hope everything’s going well for you, and the winter weather is passing swiftly.

  • Guy Lonechild

    Great pictures. Thanks!

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