Josh Ibbett’s Around-the-world Bikepacking Kit List

Ever wonder what goes in an around-the-world bikepacking kit? In this video, Josh Ibbett goes over every item in his 12-month gear list, bag by bag…

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Video by Josh Ibbett, photography by George Marshall, courtesy of Rapha

After finding his niche talent in the world of ultra-distance self-supported racing, Josh Ibbett won his first major event in 2015, the Transcontinental Race. But on May 9th Josh changed his focus from the finish line to the journey itself. He left his 2-year job at Hunt Wheels and began a 12-month around-the-world bikepacking trip. After a couple weeks on the road Josh put together this detailed video to walk through every last piece his kit, bag for bag. Watch it here or read the detailed pack list below. In addition, you can follow Josh on Instagram for the latest trip updates at @joshibbett. Plus, check the Rapha blog where he’ll be posting regularly as well.


Apidura Handlebar Pack Dry (14L)

– Flip Flops
– Osprey Stuff Pack 18
– North Face Fleece pullover
– Rapha Brevet vest
– Knee warmers
– Rab Microlight Down Vest
– Thermarest NeoAir sleeping mat
– Rab Survival Zone Bivy Bag
– Silk Liner
– Travel Towel
– Rab Infinity 500 Sleeping Bag

Apidura Accessory Pocket Dry (5L)

– Sunglasses
– Bandage
– Exposure Headband (for Joystick)
– iPad Mini
– Cache Battery
– Lezye Caddy Sacks
– Curved Needles
– Cotton and Nylon Thread
– Spare chainring bolts/washers
– Tire lever
– Lezyne 11spd Chainbreaker
– Cassette Tool
– Pen Knife
– Spare Brake Pads
– Quick Links
– Tire Boots
– Compressor Adaptor
– Leatherman
– Cables
– Electrical tape
– Spare batteries
– First Aid Kit
– Multi-adapter
– Spare drivetrain cable
– Binoculars

Apidura Food Pouch Extended (right)

– Snacks

Apidura Food Pouch Extended (left)

– Toothpaste
– Healing gel
– Spork
– Toothpaste
– Tire Lube (Viking Juice)
– Anti-fungal Creme
– P20 Sunscreen

Josh Ibbett's Around The World Bikepacking Kit List

On Bike and On Josh

Apidura Extended Top Tube Bag

– Primus stove
– Razor
– Emergency Bandage
– Lip Balm
– Flint
– Fabric Multitool
– Folding Knife
– Tire Repair Kit
– Roll Mat Repair Kit
– MSR Water Filter

Mason Bokeh (stock)

– Ritchey Ventura Max
– 40T x 11-42 Drivetrain
– Hunt Adventure Sport 650b Wheels
– WTB Byway 47mm

Mounted on bike

– Exposure Red Eye
– Exposure Revo
– SON Dynamo Hub
– Exposure Blaze rear light
– GoPro
– Spot Tracker
– eTrex 30 GPS

Apidura Mountain Frame Pack

– Nemo Hornet 2p Tent
– Toothbrush
– iPod
– Toilet Paper

Frame Triangle

– 2 x water bottles
– 2 x Lezyne Flow Bottle Cages
– Lezyne Digital Pressure Guage Pump
– 2 x spare tubes


– Giro Privateer Shoes
– Rapha Brevet Socks
– Rapha Brevet Shorts
– Rapha Brevet Wool Jersey
– Rapha Helmet
– Sunglasses

Josh Ibbett's Around The World Bikepacking Kit List

  • Josh Ibbett's Around The World Bikepacking Kit List
  • Josh Ibbett's Around The World Bikepacking Kit List

Apidura Saddle Pack (Regular)

– Alpkit 900ml Maitai pot
– Cable Lock
– Trucker cap
– Rapha Brevet Windproof Jersey
– Rapha City Rain Jacket
– Rapha Randaneur shorts
– Merrell lightweight shoes
– 2 x Boxxer shorts
– Swimming shorts
– Tank top
– Rab button down shirt
– T-shirt
– 3 x Rapha brevet socks
– Rab trousers
– Buff
– Leg warmers
– Windproof gloves
– Rapha lightweight brevet jersey
– Rapha merino base layer t-shirt
– 2nd pair of Rapha bibs

Also, make sure to check out the well done sendoff film for Josh by Hunt Wheels:

  • So many socks! Useful to see a kit breakdown in that much detail – makes you realise that there are some aspects where you’re relatively lightweight and others not so much…

  • Simon Wile

    around the world, without a resupply of gear I’m assuming, you;d have to make wise choices. Looks like a solid and well thought out kit.

  • Mark Troup

    I’m always more interested in the “halfway through the trip” gear lists. What gear was worth ten times it’s weight, what broke and needed repair or replacement, and of course, what got mailed home. I hope he can find time to do one!

  • Me too. I have a feeling things will change. I hope to catch up with him for a ‘kit revisited’ post.

  • Mark

    The first paragraph says he made this video after a couple of weeks on the road.

  • Christian Bischof

    Very interesting video, thanks for sharing!
    I am wondering how heavy the baggage is (without bike, food, water)?


    Great info. Thanks for sharing. Just a quick question, how is he running the Half Frame Pack and the Mountain Frame pack? (Not trying to be nit picky, just and trying to get insights for my own set up). Thanks!

  • I can’t believe you’re the first to catch that (sorry, fixed)… I guess most were watching and skipping the reading.


    No sweat. I am just nerding out on the possibilities :-)

  • David Markham

    Does the Apidura framepack open up into one chamber (with zips on either side), or is it split in half (so each side unzips into a separate area).

    If its the latter, I’m struggling to find a small, affordable tent that would pack small enough to fit in like Josh’s has. I like the look of the Decathlon Quencha Quickhiker, but having seen it packed in the store, there’s no way it would fit in one half of a frame pack.

    Any suggestions gratefully received

  • Hi David,

    Thanks for your interest!

    All of our Frame Packs have zips on either side.

    That said, the zip on the non-drive side opens up into a very slim compartment that is meant for holding small and flat items, such as a map or a phone. The zip(s) on the drive side open into the main compartment, which should be able to fit some models of ultra lightweight tents, or at least most components of the tent (e.g., excluding the tent poles). The main compartment corresponds with the volumes of our packs listed on our website.

    We can’t exactly guarantee the fit of particular tents in certain Frame Packs, as there are many of each to choose from. We have had success however with tents made by Big Agnes, specifically their Fly Creek UL 1 and Fly Creek UL 2. Both of these tents should fit in most of our Frame Packs, aside from our Road Frame Pack (Small).

    Hope this helps, and please feel free to contact us at if you have any other questions!

  • Matthew Fitzpatrick

    it’s amazing how much he can fit on that.

  • David Markham

    Thanks a lot for getting back to me. Much appreciated! Plenty of food for thought.

    I’m actually testing some new Apidura gear (Extended top tube pack and extended food pouch) on a trip in the Dales this coming weekend along with my trusty saddle pack

  • Hi David,

    That’s great to hear! Hope you have a nice trip this coming weekend; we should be having some great weather. And again, please don’t hesitate to keep in touch.

  • Justin Fisher

    Planning my own escape at the minute, having done a short bike packing adventure I most want to know about gearing choices, 34/36 wasn’t low enough fully laden off tarmac.

  • Ozavanti

    Fabulous article. As someone who is trying to decide between a compact or regular saddle pack a 11L or 14L pack means nothing to me as I struggle with a reference point. Knowing what you could fit into the pack is sooo much more helpful – thanks.

  • Dylan Tucker

    Is Josh using the large mountain frame pack from apidura or the medium size mountain pack? I Have the same tent and was wondering which size would fit it?

  • Rogier

    What wonders me is that you only have 2 pair of bibshorts: one that you are wearing, and one reserve. That seems a bit troublesome, or isn’t it? How do you keep it clean enough when e.g. going through remote places where water is scarse and you don’t want to trouble your behind c.q. private parts with dirty bibs?

  • Roch Malnuit

    Hi, I was wondering what handlebar is on Josh’s bike ?

  • Paul Webb

    Thanks for the comprehensive list, I have few questions that you may know the answer to:
    1) does the Nemo Hornet 2p tent and all its poles fit in the frame pack? I have an MSR Hubba Hubba which is nowhere near going in.
    2) Does anybody know where i can actually see the tent i mean bricks and mortar shop?

    It looks like you are able to get tons of gear in the handlebar pack where i am only able to get a sleeping bag on its own in (alpkit pipedream 400) do you use anything to compress it?

  • I think they do. If not, you could strap them to the downtube as many others do…

  • Paul Webb

    Rattley Rattley lol , would need to know for sure prior to making a big purchase though

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