In 2017, WOHO created a gadget to solve saddle bag sway and add two pairs of bottle cage mounts. For 2018 they’ve reworked the Xtouring ANTI SWAY Saddle Bag Stabilizer to include a newly designed mounting plate and corrosion resistant materials…

Posted by Logan Watts

Inspired by triathlon-style bottle mounts, the original WOHO Xtouring ANTI SWAY Bag Stabilizer was designed to eliminate saddle bag sway, or tail wag, due to heavy, large bikepacking seat bags. There are other solutions, such as bags equipped with mini racks, such as the Porcelain Rocket Mr. Fusion, Arkel’s Seatpacker, and Specialized’s Bura Bura. There are also aluminum plate stabilizers such as the internal brackets in the Ortlieb Seat Pack or the externally mounted Rail Wing by Bedrock Designs. However, the ANTI SWAY Bag Stabilizer was one of the first to be independently of a seat bag. And, it offers two additional bottle cage mounts, an interesting solution for bikepacking routes or races in hot environments.

WOHO Saddle Bag Stabilizer, Anti-sway

  • WOHO Saddle Bag Stabilizer, Anti-sway
  • WOHO Saddle Bag Stabilizer, Anti-sway

After a year on the market, WOHO, a cycling accessories company founded and based in Taipei, Taiwan, tweaked the ANTI SWAY Bag Stabilizer based on rider feedback. According to WOHO, the upgrades make it expedition worthy and improve its performance when carrying heavy water bottles over rugged terrain.

Comprised of a stainless steel bar and a newly designed aluminum alloy mounting plate, the 2018 Xtouring ANTI SWAY Bag Stabilizer is now constructed completely out of anti-corrosion materials. The reworked bracket also directly fits wide saddle rails, e.g. SMP selle and some Fizik models, no adapter needed. The thickness of material was also increased to make the entire mount more sturdy.

  • WOHO Saddle Bag Stabilizer, Anti-sway
  • WOHO Saddle Bag Stabilizer, Anti-sway
  • WOHO Saddle Bag Stabilizer, Anti-sway
  • WOHO Saddle Bag Stabilizer, Anti-sway
  • WOHO Saddle Bag Stabilizer, Anti-sway

The 2018 version fits both regular saddle rails and SMP Selle saddles. In addition, there is a special edition model designed to work with Brooks B-series saddles. The original ANTI SWAY mount measures 15cm L x 12cm W x 10cm H (5.9″ x 4.7″ x 4.0″) and weighs in at 77g (2.72oz). We are waiting to find out measurements and weight of the revised version and will update this if it has changed. The WOHO ANTI SWAY Saddle Bag Stabilizer will retail for $25 US and the Brooks B-Series version for $20. Find out more at or pre-order here.

  • Greg Moore

    Well now – this might solve several problems for me and for only $25? [searches for credit card…]

  • mat long

    hopefully there is a us based shipping option, the original was $20 and shipping was $27…

  • Andrew Stephenson

    Sold out!

  • That was for V1. WOHO just let me know they are setting up a pre-order link as we speak. I’ll post it here as soon as I get it.

  • See above, although, I imagine shipping will be similar.

  • I bought a Woho frame bag bundle in autumn last year. Never again.

    The internal divider only lasted a few weeks and I hadn’t even been on a bike packing trip at the time, just general commuting.

    There’s at reason why it’s cheap.

  • Billy Lad

    Curious wut u carry with frame bag?

  • A small bike lock, spare lights, a few clothes etc. Nothing crazy.

  • Billy Lad

    I carry my 2 person tent with pole all into the WOHO frame bag for nearly 2 years and it’s ok to me :)

  • Mine developed holes on the inside pink divider after only a couple of months.

  • OK, they added the pre-order link:

  • Anyone know the difference between the Brooks & Standard versions? Spacing, Rail Material??

  • WOHO

    Brooks & Standard versions with different brackets design, both not for the carbon Rail~

  • cdelle

    Be very careful dealing with woho. Not sure if the are ignorant or just dishonest. The measurements listed in this article are the 2018 version. It still is in the way of many peoples bottoms. WOHO told me to ship through DHL to get it in time for a race. They told me there would be no extra fees or costs and I got hit with another $18.00 in brokerage fees. Then with all the issues because of it being short and not working they offered my a full refund on a friday but then changed it to 5% off my next order on Monday! Needless to say I will not order from WOHO again. I ended up paying 76$ for a 12$ part.

    Good luck all.

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