Terrene Tires announces the McFly — a promising all-terrain bikepacking plus tire with a solid blend of fast-rolling center tread and chunky side knobs — in both 29×2.8″ and 27.5×2.8″…

Posted by Logan Watts

Terrene Tires, a rider owned company launched last fall has introduced its fifth tire model. McFly is designed to be a versatile plus tire with a 2.8″ casing. The McFly expands on Terrene’s current lineup of aggressive mountain, gravel and fat bike tires with the addition of a tire that’s built for all types of terrain.

The McFly tread pattern is intended to depart from the aggressive “Chunk” model that Terrene currently has available in 27.5×3.0 and 29/27.5×2.3. In comparison, McFly will feature a quicker rolling tread while still offering an aggressive side knob.

Terrene McFly Tire, 29+ 27.5+

  • Terrene McFly Tire, 29+ 27.5+
  • Terrene McFly Tire, 29+ 27.5+

“Combine great acceleration and breaking with stout predictable side knobs and you have a tire that you can ride fast and hard in and out of turns without expending all your energy moving forward and still break hard when you need to. To me, McFly is the ability to fly down the trail with confidence,” said Terrene tire designer Anders Broste.

Terrene McFly Tire, 29+ 27.5+

McFly will be available in both light and tough versions in 27.5×2.8″ and 29×2.8″. Light is a single ply dual durometer tire intended for less aggressive or weight conscious riders, while Tough incorporates a full bead to bead TekShield protection layer and a tougher casing for riders that want a quality, reliable tire with no compromise on durability. McFly is available for $80 in either casing, tubeless ready with an aramid folding bead, and will be available this July. More at TerreneTires.com

Terrene McFly Tire, 29+ 27.5+

  • rocketman

    at last… a 29 x 2.8″ tire!! Looking forward to these. Held one in my hands at Sea Otter, they look great.

  • http://www.bikepacking.com Logan Watts

    Yeah. I wish they were available now… they look great!

  • Brad Naughton

    Panaracer has had one for a couple of years now. They do however call it a 3″.

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