In case you missed it, Surly released a new fat tire to add to their lineup… Edna is slightly bigger than Larry and Nate, but smaller than Bud and Lou.

Posted by Logan Watts

Surly has quite the cast of characters in their storied line of fat bike tires, and now they’ve added another, Edna. The 26×4.3″ Edna fills the void between 3.8″ Larry and Nate, and 4.8″ Bud and Lou… among others. Interesting from a bikepacking perspective, the ‘ultra-versatile’ Surly Edna 26×4.3″ was designed to perform admirably on a wide variety of terrain, including loose dirt, snow, sand, hardback, or “over the pulverized bones of your enemies”, according to the marketing gurus at The Intergalactic Surly Empire. They also claim Edna’s unique tread pattern has enough lug to provide bite on the loose stuff and a tight center tread that doesn’t drag on the hardpack. Add with a 4.3” footprint it definitely could be an interesting go-anywhere expedition tire.

Surly Edna Fat bike Tire

Surly Edna has a 60tpi, folding tubeless-ready bead and tips the scales at 1330g. We haven’t tried them yet, after all, this is just news, but if anyone has, leave a comment below. in the meantime, find out more over at

Surly Edna Fat bike Tire

  • asposium

    1.3kg :O
    My gravel bike rear wheel weighs less.

  • But, you can’t take your gravel bike in the snow, or on the Lost Coast in AK … ;)

  • Smithhammer

    Well, for that matter, the burrito I had for lunch weighed less as well, but what does that have to do with the price of pistachios in Honduras?

  • RWilliams

    Super nice ride on groomed singletrack here in Northern Minnesota. The vertical siping on the side lugs make for a Bud like ride on softer trail…minus the weight and extra width. First thing you will notice with the ride on these is the light weight. You save over a pound rolling weight from Bud/Lou.. so if you want to speed up your bike a bit..these should be your go to for your faster moving ride on hard pack and groomed. I also found these super easy to mount up tubeless.. with 4oz of sealant. No leaking sealant through sidewalls at all.. The only gripe I have is that they are only 60tpi…and feel for snow only.. the 120tip might offer even more grip.

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