Spurcycle, the California based company known for their precision bike bell, just introduced a new titanium multi-tool, the Spurcycle Ti Tool…

Posted by Logan Watts

Spurcycle, creators of one of the nicest bicycle bells available, just launched a new titanium, made-in-the-USA multi-tool. Wrapped in a slim fabric case — that can also be used as a wallet — the minimalist tool looks like an interesting addition to an everyday carry kit, or a nice easy-access tool for adjustments while out bikepacking.

Spurcycle Ti Multi-tool, titanium Tool

  • Spurcycle Ti Multi-tool, titanium Tool
  • Spurcycle Ti Multi-tool, titanium Tool

Machined from Grade 5 titanium at Paragon Machine Works in California, Spurcycle’s Tool consists of a compact body with sliding handle that allows for quick T-form or L-form leverage depending on adjustment. Chrome-coated S2 steel bits can be swapped into the driver. And because they are standard bits, they can easily be replaced if damaged or lost. The Spurcycle Ti Tool includes the following bits: Hex 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm + T10 Torx, T25, and Phillips #2.

Spurcycle Ti Multi-tool, titanium Tool

The stitched carry case is made in San Francisco. It’s designed to stow in a jersey pocket or top tube bag with no sharp edges to dig into your back or affect other items. Plus there is enough room to securely stash a $20 bill, a driver’s license or a couple glueless patches.

Spurcycle’s Ti Tool weighs about 90 grams all told and will retail for $69. you can pre-order the Spurcycle Ti Tool at their website now and will ship approximately 2 weeks after order date.

  • Howard Matthew

    It’s very nice and very well made but I wonder how people will respond to the price with so many other options out there. Still a solid tool can be a life saver when you’re in the sticks.

  • Pedro Blasco

    It would be great if it had the torque option…

  • good question. But, at 90 grams, I am sure it will attract some buyers. Plus it’s MUSA.

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