Kokopelli Packraft introduces the Rogue series of boats. The new bikerafting-friendly Rogue-Lite is the lightest packraft in their fleet and you can get it at an early-bird discount on Kickstarter…

Posted by Logan Watts

Kokopelli Packraft has been building packrafts for five years now. They started out of a garage in Denver, Colorado with the dream of designing and creating products unlike anything else out there. Kokopelli’s latest project is the Rogue, an ultra-lightweight, one-person, inflatable raft that is built to withstand rivers and pack small.

The Rogue-Lite Packraft, according to Kokopelli Packrafts, “…is durable enough for river travel and is an excellent companion for alpine lake adventures.” After a year of designing and testing the Rogue-Lite, the result weighs under 5 pounds and packs small enough for any pursuit, including bikerafting.

Kokopelli Rogue Packraft, Rogue-lite

  • Kokopelli Rogue Packraft, Rogue-lite
  • Kokopelli Rogue Packraft, Rogue-lite
  • Kokopelli Rogue Packraft, Rogue-lite
  • Kokopelli Rogue Packraft, Rogue-lite
  • Kokopelli Rogue Packraft, Rogue-lite

Kokopelli Rogue Packraft, Rogue-lite

The Rogue-Lite weighs 4.9 lbs and measures 85 X 37 X 51 X 15.5” (L/W/IL/IW) and packs down to 12 X 9 X 6”

The Kokopelli Rogue series includes features such as a Kevlar reinforced floor, double layer seam tape, and V-tape floor construction. There are several options for easy-bird savings over on Kickstarter starting at $625.

  • Mark

    i ve been testing it for the last month in the jungles of Vietnam and Lao,,,,, on the Ho Chi Minh Trail Lake crossing no problem and even went down some crazy rivers and through a 7 km cave .. love it. .. what i really like about it is the support that the design gives my back , having lumber muscle problem my back usually hurt after a hour or so packrafting but the design feel great on my back can packraft for hours on it .. my self and my bike total weight on this ultra lite raft was over 300lb felt great .. .. really amazing for something that packs down to a beach towel and ways nothing on the bike

  • Sounds good! I will definitely try it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for the real world feedback.

  • Is it only suitable for freshwater use? Could it be used in the sea?

  • Andrew Bydlon

    They are suitable for the sea too! As with any water travel due your diligence knowing tide tables and be well equipped for a safe trip.

    I have my sights set on this one this year – http://www.bikepacking.com/routes/bikerafting-alaska-lost-coast/

  • Thanks Andrew. With one of these I dont have to look for bridges anymore :-D

  • This looks like an improvement or rebranding on their Hornet Lite? They come in at the same weight. Either way. Under 5lbs and packable is awesome.

  • Robert Mawson

    Thanks for the article, how would you carry your bike on this and what do you need if anything to stop your bike puncturing the raft while carrying. Thanks.

  • Earthjolly

    Can it be used for class 2-3 rapids?

  • Mark

    Class 2 for sure no sure about class 3 havnt tried it on class 3 yet but it tough best to ask Joe he has more experciance with bikepacking and rivers than me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPkW2sKzgmA&t=2s

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