Just announced, the Jones H-Bar Pack is a welded construction, lightweight Loop handlebar bag made from TPU-coated waterproof nylon. With a single straight zipper, the H-Bar Pack was designed for quick, one handed access…

Posted by Logan Watts

There are already several bag options out that fit the Jones Loop H-bar handlebar, but there were a few features Jeff Jones wished for — he wanted a similar Loop-specific bag that would be waterproof and easy to access with one hand. Jones just released the new H-Bar Pack that accomplishes both. It is a welded (not sewn) bag that is lighter and much more water resistant than other bags such as the Loophole. And according to Jones, “Careful placement of the four attachment points, combined with a new single, straight zipper makes the pack easy to open and close one-handed, which we really like!” The H-Bar Pack also comes with four additional pieces of double-sided hook and loop straps to add attachment points if need be.

Jones H-Bar Pack, waterproof

  • Jones H-Bar Pack, waterproof
  • Jones H-Bar Pack, waterproof

The new Jones H-Bar Pack is made of a single-layer, TPU-coated waterproof nylon fabric and weighs only 95 grams versus the 162 grams of the Loophole Pack. It loses some of the organizational features of the Revelate-built Loophole Pack that Gin loves. But, it’s not meant as a direct replacement, rather, it’s another option for riders looking for a pared-down, less expensive, more waterproof version.

Features of the Jones H-Bar Pack

  • TPU coated nylon fabric.
  • Waterproof, welded construction with a water-resistant zipper for great water resistance.
  • Long daisy chain sections along front and back of pack for very secure attachment.
  • Single, straight-line zipper making it easy to open with one hand.
  • Single layer construction is very light weight.

The Jones H-Bar Pack is available now for $64 at JonesBikes.com. Also, find a bit more information over at their blog. Also, in case you missed it, check out our Benchmark List of Comfort/Sweep MTB handlebars.

  • Doug Reilly

    I have a question about this pack and ones like it for users…how does it effect your hand positions? It looks like to use anything but the outer grips you’d have to wedge your digits in between the pack and the bar…

  • Plusbike Nerd

    Have you thought of maybe putting the UPCOMING articles right on you homepage with your regular articles. When I remember to click on the UPCOMING tab, I find the UPCOMING articles very interesting. However, I don’t always remember to click on it. I wonder how many of your readers don’t even know it exists?

  • Yeah, I’ve actually comped it up, just haven’t had time to code it. hopefully soon. Glad you mentioned it though…

  • Meade

    Has anybody tried the Molokai handle bar bag on a Jones Loop Bar?

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