After nearly a year of working behind the scenes, we’re proud to announce the union of Bunyan Velo and with The Bikepacking Journal, our new printed publication that’s packed with the very best in two-wheeled storytelling…

Posted by Logan Watts

In partnership with Bunyan Velo, we’re proud to announce our latest project, The Bikepacking Journal, a beautiful new bi-annually printed publication, jam-packed with 130+ pages of the very best in pedal-powered storytelling and photography from around the globe. We’ve carefully considered every detail in the journal’s production, from paper stocks, to inks, to finishing techniques. To this end, it’s our hope that each issue will be a keepsake worth savoring and proudly displaying on your coffee table.

The Bikepacking Journal

Join the Bikepacking Collective and your contributions will help build a better, more sustainable, and create original bikepacking routes, authentic stories, and quality guides and reportage. A Bikepacking Collective membership also includes a subscription to The Bikepacking Journal, as well as access to exclusive merchandise, industry discounts, prizes, and a voice in the future of this website.

We’d like to thank you for your support up to this point, and we hope you’re as excited as we are about this new chapter for and Bunyan Velo!

  • Rod Kimble

    Looks good! Is this just for folks in the U.S. or the rest of the world too?

  • Rod,

    The $68/year Bikepacking Collective membership includes shipping for the March and October issues anywhere in the world. Thanks for your support!

  • So stoked on this. We’re talking 10/10 stoke levels.

  • I have joined The Collective Lord Logan, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

  • Kurt Schneider

    This is like hearing about Reese’s for the first time.
    Putting together two of my favorite adventure resources.

    Man…October seems so far off right now.

  • Mark Troup

    Sold! This one was a no-brainer for me. Very excited to see how this develops!

  • Doug Reilly

    This is very cool. Print is real!

  • Idle Prentice

    Finally! I think I finally yelled “shut up and take my money” loud enough for someone to hear me! Congrats on this and can’t wait to get one of those unobtainium tshirts.

  • Chad

    Does one have to become a member, or can I just sign up for the publication?

  • Chris

    Happy to contribute to our community and my favorite and most visited website. If you had only asked for contributions earlier…

  • Rob Grey

    awesome! soon as i get to a secure internet connection, i’m signing up. very happy to support you guys and all your excellent work!

  • Colin Delderfield

    UK based …Great idea do/will all the benefits apply world wide?

  • Karan

    Look forward to the October issue. Thanks for all your work!

  • They do indeed! All Bikepacking Collective members, worldwide, will receive the full list of benefits for the same price. Thanks!

  • A subscription to The Bikepacking Journal is one of the benefits you’ll receive if you support the site by becoming a Bikepacking Collective member. At this point, we don’t have plans to offer individual retail copies for sale.

  • Nice, happy to support Good luck. This site is an unbelievable resource.

  • Matt

    So glad a new skull shirt is included in the membership, mine has several holes in it… by far my most worn piece of clothing!
    Thanks for all you do here, can’t wait for the first issue.

  • Richard Wolf

    Awesome! Best bikepacking site around by miles! Take my money too!

  • Jarod Thurley

    I just signed up along with a t-shirt. I enjoy bike as it’s my favourite site and I am delighted to support you and be along for the ride. Keep up the great work! Jarod

  • Nat Smith

    Done…now I just need a coffee table.

  • Count me as excited! Can’t wait to see this land on my coffee table… I just need to rent an apartment and get a coffee table now…

  • Ul Rich

    so if I sign up now, will I get the march issue or will the october issue be my first one?

  • Hey Rich, you’ll receive the October 2018 issue first, thanks!

  • Thanks Jeff, and I need to do the same!

  • David

    Didn’t have to think twice about this folks. Very happy to support what is easily the best bikepacking site on the web.

  • Andrew Spurlin

    I like the idea of one of the drawings for joining the collective being a print of the World map.
    Would also love to buy prints of some of the gorgeous photos that have been in Bunyan Velo and will surely be in the Bikepacking Journal.
    Just a thought for additional funding for all of yall’s initiatives.

  • Andy A

    quickly joined the collective. when should i be seeing this publication in my mailbox?

  • Jonathan Wilson

    IN! Had to save up to get here, but it’s worth it! This is my favourite website by far.

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