e*thirteen just released their $299 TRS Plus 12 Speed Upgrade Kit that converts your 11-speed SRAM drivetrain to 12 speeds without needing new shifters, derailleurs, cranks, or chainrings…

Posted by Logan Watts

Now you can convert almost any SRAM 11-speed drivetrain to a 511% 12-speed using e*thirteen’s all new TRS Plus 12 Speed Upgrade Kit. The kit includes a 12-speed cassette, chain, and parts to upgrade your SRAM 11-speed shifter and derailleur. Here are the details and photos of each element:

e*thirteen 12-speed upgrade kit

TRS Plus 12 Speed Cassette

The new TRS Plus 9-46T 12-speed cassette offers a 511% range and should save weight over other 12-speed drivetrains by using a shorter chain and a smaller chainring to achieve similar gear ratios. Like the 11-speed TRSr and TRS+ cassettes, e*thirteen’s new 12-speed cassette features two clusters: a one-piece set of 10 steel cogs and an aluminum cluster with the two largest chainrings. Read the full specs below.

  • e*thirteen 12-speed upgrade kit
  • e*thirteen 12-speed upgrade kit
  • e*thirteen 12-speed upgrade kit
  • e*thirteen 12-speed upgrade kit
  • e*thirteen 12-speed upgrade kit
  • Replaceable aluminum and steel clusters
  • Shorter chain for weight savings vs. SRAM™ Eagle™ 12-speed
  • Smaller chainring and derailleur offer more ground clearance
  • 336 grams
  • 9-46T cassette (9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 28, 33, 39, 46)
  • 10 steel cogs, 2 aluminum cogs
  • 511% range
  • Faster shifts in the bigger cogs
  • Updated pinch clamp design avoids proprietary tools
  • XD™ Driver only
  • Compatible with SRAM™ Eagle™ 12-speed drivetrains

11-Speed Shifter Upgrade Parts

The shifter upgrade kit allows you to convert your 11-speed SRAM™ GX™, X1™, X01™, and XX1™ shifter to a 12-speed shifter. Kit includes injection molded shifter spool, one stamped steel ratchet (for SRAM™ GX™, X1™, X01™), one stamped steel ratchet (for SRAM™ XX1™), pivot bolt, washer, and shifter assembly fixture.

e*thirteen 12-speed upgrade kit

  • e*thirteen 12-speed upgrade kit
  • e*thirteen 12-speed upgrade kit
  • e*thirteen 12-speed upgrade kit

11-Speed Rear Derailleur Upgrade Parts

e*Thirteen includes all the necessary parts to upgrade an 11-speed SRAM™ rear derailleur to work with the e*Thirteen 12-speed cassette. The kit works with all SRAM™ 11-speed rear derailleurs (SRAM™ NX™, GX™, X1™, X01™, XX1™) and includes two derailleur pulley spacers, as well as one long and one short derailleur cage bolt.

  • e*thirteen 12-speed upgrade kit

12-Speed Chain

Also included with the 12-speed Upgrade Kit is an e*thirteen 12-speed chain that weighs 268 grams and has 126 links in total. The chain is plated and lubricated for durability and precision shifting, and includes a 12-speed quick connect link.

e*thirteen 12-speed upgrade kit

The e*thirteen TRS Plus 12 Speed Upgrade Kit is available as of today for $299 and includes the 12-speed cassette, 12-speed chain, upgrade parts for shifter and derailleur, and all the necessary tools. Find out more over at bythehive.com.

  • Alexander Sollie

    The new NX Eagle Groupset is $270 excluding the crankset, which you don’t need if you’re upgrading from an 11 speed groupset. That means you can have a complete non-hack solution for less than this. e*thirteen was a few months late getting this to market.

  • Ben Skoning

    What about those with XX/XO stuff they want to upgrade with out dropping in component quality?

  • Dave Guerette

    Yes, except NX is made out of mostly plastics, doesn’t work as well and weighs twice as much as XO1/XX1. NX is great for an entry level bike and works well enough, but nobody is upgrading their xx1 11 speed bike to NX eagle. But a lot of people will do this upgrade, and get MORE gear range, and also save a few grams over the top end eagle set up.

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