It’s official. Bikepacker and have joined forces and will soon live under one roof. In addition to website integration, the two entities will collaborate on multiple projects…

Posted by Logan Watts

Founded in 2014 as a community driven resource to inspire and empower bikepackers, (previously Bikepackers Magazine) will soon be closing its doors. But fret not! Relevant and exclusive content from the site will be migrated under the domain to live on for your browsing pleasure. In addition, founders Neil and Lindsay Beltchenko will now contribute regularly to, drawing in particular from their rich racing experience and related bikepacking knowledge.

The reason behind this collaboration is the Beltchenko’s decision to dedicate the majority of their time and energy towards developing the Bikepacking Summit, an event poised to become the premier bikepacking conference and expo in the US. As part of the arrangement, will help promote the event and serve on an advisory level as and when needed.

The nuts and bolts of the website transition are currently being plotted, but expect the migration to be completed over the next 3-4 months. Recurrent or similar content will be removed and redirected, or merged, and other pages and articles will be migrated directly to During the transition, will continue to be active and accessible. If you are currently following @BikepackerMag on social media, stay tuned. Most of the accounts will soon transition to Bikepacking Summit with relevant content to follow.

Speaking of the Bikepacking Summit, Neil and Lindsay have been working hard to solidify the details, so stay tuned for an announcement with date and venue information very soon.

  • Accidental FIRE

    Cool, this is awesome news. Congrats on the merge!

  • Thanks… Yeah, we are excited to work with Neil and Lindsay and help out with the Summit too!

  • Congratulations!!!
    Two of my favourite websites together can only improve and make things better.
    I will miss the beer reviews though :-D

  • Christopher Seistrup

    The divide coverage last year was amazing, I hope you can carry on that tradition.

  • Plusbike Nerd

    This is great! Bikepacker has lost some of its sparkle recently. They seem to review more beers than bikes lately. Don’t get me wrong, I like beer but bikes are my real passion. However, Bikepacker has produced many excellent articles in the past. Hopefully, this merger will bring us even more bikepacking content than the two websites standing alone.

  • That will be tough to follow, but I already chatted with Neil about it. He did mention it took a ton of time! We’ll see…

  • Well maybe we can continue the beer coverage now and again. We used to do ‘post-ride beers’, so perhaps we’ll reopen it…

  • debineko

    Was just looking for Neil’s blog and end up here. Had noticed that had gone quiet in recent month. Fingers crossed for bigger and better things.

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