Big Agnes has released their lightest and most compact sleeping pad yet, the AXL Air and Insulated AXL Air. With a new proprietary ripstop fabric, ‘The Mother of Comfort’ also claims they are 25% tougher…

Posted by Logan Watts

Big Agnes has been regularly tweaking its line of inflatable sleeping pads for the last few years. We took their Q-Core SL on a big trip in Africa and had pretty good luck, but other folks reported slow leaks after only a handful of uses. Big Agnes since upgraded that line twice, and last year released the Q-Core SLX, a reboot that included a thicker and more burly aviation-grade TPU laminated bottom fabric. Now, ‘the mother of comfort’ has introduced the AXL Air and Insulated AXL Air Sleeping Pads, which, as quoted from Big Agnes, are constructed from a “proprietary patterned rip-stop nylon made with a high tenacity yarn and high filament count… increasing fabric tear strength by 25% while decreasing weight.”

Like the Q-Core line, the AXL is thick and plush — and more than likely, extremely comfy — which Big Agnes is known for. However, these are designed with gram counters, thru hikers, and technical gear junkies in mind. The AXL Air pads combines a new rip-stop shell with internal minimalist construction to maximize stability and comfort. Like the Q-Core, the AXL also has larger outer tubes, to keep you cradled on top.

Both AXL Air sleeping Pads use a high volume valve for faster inflation and almost immediate deflation.

Insulated AXL Air Sleeping Pad

The insulated version uses PrimaLoft insulation laminated with a layer of Mylar to reflect heat back to to the user and prevent heat loss. It comes in both rectangular and mummy in four sizes, 20″ x 72″, 25″ x 78″, 25″ x 72″, 20″ x 66″. The Insulated AXL weighs 11.9oz (337g) and is priced from $189. You can buy it now at REI.

Big Agnes insulated AXL Air Sleeping Pad

Big Agnes AXL Air Sleeping Pad

The regular AXL Air is more of a summer sleeping pad. It comes in both rectangular and mummy in two sizes, 20″ x 72″, 25″ x 72″. The AXL Air Sleeping pad weighs 9.8oz (278g) and is priced from $139. You can buy it now at REI.

Big Agnes AXL Air Sleeping Pad

We’ll keep you posted if we get to try these…

  • WOW, the non insultated version weights almost as little as my Klymit Inertia X Frame… and it looks way more comfortable :)

  • Belle Prinssen

    R-value: not available. Run Forest, run!

  • Dave

    Big Agnes’ warranty and customer service are A+. One of the best companies I’ve ever dealt with.

  • Ron Jensen

    Anyone had a chance to try this pad out yet?

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