New wheels: Velocity Blunt 35

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Well well well, what do we have here? It’s my Rohloff on some new Velocity Blunt 35s.

I’ve had my eye on these rims since they were released. I originally heard about their predecessor, the P35, and the fact that its slightly oversized rim width played nicely with the 29 x 3″ Surly Knard tires. After being thoroughly impressed by my 26″ Velocity Cliff Hangers (after 3k+ punishing miles through some rough Central American gravel roads), I decided to get my Rohloff laced up to another set of Velocity rims for a new 29er build. There seems to be some nice products coming out of Velocity, and their rims are made in the USA!

The Blunt 35s are perfect for interchanging less aggressive tires for touring and husky Knards for bikepacking. At first glance, I am impressed with how light these wheels are (even with the Rohloff); definitely lighter than my Cliffhangers. I am ready to get on with my build and see how these suckers perform… stay tuned.

Velocity Blunt 35 29er - Bikepacking

Built by The Wheel Department in Michigan.

Velocity Blunt 35 29er - Bikepacking

Thanks Jacobi!

Velocity Blunt 35 29er - Bikepacking

The Blunts have a nice rounded aesthetic.

Velocity Blunt 35 29er Rohloff - Bikepacking

Velocity Blunt 35s + Rohloff = Future Bikepacking Steed

Velocity Blunt 35 29er - Bikepacking

A Velocity front hub.

Velocity Blunt 35 29er - Bikepacking

Perfect width for Knards!


  • Michael Viglianco

    Keeping the Phil Wood front hub laced to the 26″ rim?

  • Logan

    For now… not sure what I am going to do with that. I am sure I will figure out something. Getting my Troll frame powder coated.

  • D$

    I should have my bikepacking rig together by the end of the month.

  • Logan

    Nice. Faster than me I suppose… I am in grease up to my elbows trying to get that lugged frame ready to rebuild.

  • zllekk

    Greatest rim on the planet. I run/switch big apples and mondials on these. Before you put em on the bike make sure to de decal them. I ve had a pair stolen before. Overseas. The black rim color looks badass without the decals too. Nice choice.

  • Logan

    Nice. What width Mondials do you run on them?

  • zllekk

    28 x 2.00 for the mondials 28 x 2.35 for the big apples. Perfect and durable. My hubs are a n360 in back and a alfine dynamo up front.

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