The first annual 2018 Oregon Timber Trail Grand Depart takes place this coming July. Here’s your chance to be one of the first to complete this big singletrack route with a group of likeminded folks…


Date: July 14, 2018

Time: 8:00 am


Cost: Free

Event Website

Organizer: Oregon Timber Trail


Cave Lake Campground

Modoc National Forest CA United States

From OTT: Thus far only a dozen or so people have completed the Oregon Timber Trail. There have been wildfires, clouds of mosquitos, some bad GPS tracks, thousands of downed trees, long miles without milkshakes, jobs that actually require you to show up, tires that don’t hold air and at least one bout of loneliness.

We make no promises to alleviate any of these complaints, but it is our hope that by inviting some people to start riding together as a group we’ll make some friends, share in the beauty of Oregon, and learn from each other.

THIS IS NOT A RACE. Seriously. This is a fun ride where each go our own pace, camp when it gets dark, and eventually make it as far as we want to make it.

This is also not an event. We’re not organizing anything. We’re inviting a bunch of you to come ride bikes together. Nobody is responsible for anything at any point besides you. Come prepared with navigation skills honed, a bicycle in pristine working condition, a heart of gold, and lots of sunscreen and bug juice.

This IS a ride that follows Leave No Trace principles. We will minimize our impact on the landscape in every way possible, and encourage (or even call out) others to do the same.

This IS a ride that respects other trail users and humans when we encounter them.

This IS a ride that is difficult. It might be more difficult than you imagine. Make some contingency plans. Be prepared. Have some bailouts. Most importantly: have a good attitude.

Actually—most importantly—have fun, learn, love.

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