Notorious for its “death march” sections, historically the Bear Bones 200’s relatively short distance carries a lot of punch. Expect the same in 2017…


Date: October 14, 2017

Time: 8:00 am


Cost: Free

Event Website

Organizer: Stuart Wright

Phone: 01650 521301



Ysgol Llanbrynmair and Community Centre

Llanbrynmair, Powys, Wales United Kingdom

UPDATE (Race Recap): Although not a ‘race’, the BB200 has much in common with those events that are. For the last seven years, the BB200 has inflicted much suffering, witnessed near super-human feats of endurance and being the catalyst for camaraderie that’s seldom experienced by the majority of people. As ever, this years ‘event’ was held over the second weekend of October. The UK weather is always something of a lottery and October can be as fickle a month as any but once again, the conditions were near perfect … or as near to perfect as you can expect on this side of the Atlantic.

Seventy two riders made it to the start and between 8.00am and 10.00am each set off on a journey that would take them into the heart of Wales’s vast ‘green desert’. For some, it would also be a journey that would undoubtedly lead them to some very dark places. Wales isn’t known for being flat but even so, 17,500ft of ascent packed into 135 miles, means the ups and downs on this years route were relentless with virtually no respite for the weary traveller. For many, simply finishing was the goal but for others, trying to do it in under 24 hours was the reason they were there and this year 22 riders did just that. Not for the first time, Steve Large was the first rider home with an elapsed time of 17 hours and 52 minutes with number two, Ian Fitz just six minutes behind. The last two riders home arrived a full 18 hours after the first but their achievement meant no less than that of the front runners. Nearly a third of those setting off recorded a DNF for one reason or another but perhaps strangely … most vowed to return to the hills, mountains and valleys of Wales next October. – Stuart Wright, Race Organizer

The Bear Bones 200 is an endurance bikepacking individual time trial with no support or route marking.

The route is still to be finalized but a distance of around 200km is anticipated with the majority being ‘off road’. The Cambrian mountains provide a spectacular backdrop, so you can expect remote tracks, steep valleys and some of the biggest views in all of the UK. Based on previous editions of this event, riders can also expect a fair bit of hike-a-bike over rough and often boggy terrain with about 20,000ft of climbing thrown into the mix.

  • asposium

    yup, don’t be fooled by the short distance.
    sometimes size doesn’t matter.
    take the welsh hills, add a little BB sauce, a sprinkle of welsh weather and one has the makings of an epic.

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