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  • Beyond Trails Atacama

    Beyond Trails Atacama

    💬6    Feb 22    📝miles-arbour    / Bikepacking Videos

    A short film following Lorraine Blancher as she explores the lesser known mountain bike trails on the border of Argentina and Chile, plus a quick Q&A on the route and the gear she brought along with her.

  • Salsa Deadwood Gets a Makeover

    Salsa Deadwood Gets a Makeover

    💬3    Feb 22    📝logan    / New Bikes

    In case you missed it over the weekend, one of our favorite bikes from last year got a facelift with 29×2.6 tires, new colors, and three new build specs…

  • Pepper’s basketpacking Tumbleweed Prospector

    Pepper’s basketpacking Tumbleweed Prospector

    💬17    Feb 20    📝cass-gilbert    / Bikepacking Bikes

    We catch up with Australia-based Pepper Cook and her basketpacking Tumbleweed Prospector. Whilst cresting the mountain passes of Peru, we ask her about solo tours, what she’s been doing to get women cycling, bikepacking verses road touring, and braids…

  • Salsa Adds Carbon Cowchipper, Woodchipper and Cowbell

    Salsa Adds Carbon Cowchipper, Woodchipper and Cowbell

    💬2    Feb 19    📝logan    / New Components

    Salsa Cycles just announced a whole new line of ‘cockpit components’. Included in the line up are carbon versions of all three of their dirt-drop handlebars, Woodchipper, Cowbell, and our favorite, the Cowchipper.

  • Hi Lo Cali

    Hi Lo Cali

    💬26    Feb 19    📝logan    / Bikepacking Videos

    Badwater Basin and White Mountain are California’s lowest and highest bikeable places. Brian Vernor and two other riders connected them via 192.6 miles and 24,613 feet of elevation gain. Along the way they made this unique film to document the 30 hour ride. Watch it here and read a Q&A with the filmmaker…

  • Support Bikepack Canada Founder, Ryan Correy

    Support Bikepack Canada Founder, Ryan Correy

    💬3    Feb 18    📝miles-arbour    / News

    In July of 2017, Ryan Correy, an extremely accomplished adventure cyclist and founder of Bikepack Canada, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Over the past few years Ryan has given so much to the bikepacking community, and now it’s our turn to give something back. Read on for how you can help…

  • All-City Spins Up the Gorilla Monsoon

    All-City Spins Up the Gorilla Monsoon

    💬11    Feb 18    📝logan    / New Bikes

    Interested in mixing up rides on tarmac and singletrack? Putting in long days off-road? Some fire road bike-camping? A ride across the continent? All-City says no problem to all of the above with its new Gorilla Monsoon…

  • Bikepacker Mag Joins

    Bikepacker Mag Joins

    💬7    Feb 16    📝logan    / News

    It’s official. Bikepacker and have joined forces and will soon live under one roof. In addition to website integration, the two entities will collaborate on multiple projects…

  • Outer Shell 137 Basket Bag Review

    Outer Shell 137 Basket Bag Review

    💬18    Feb 15    📝cass-gilbert    / Bikepacking Bags

    Outer Shell’s 137 Basket Bag is built to fit the sturdy cage of a Wald 137 wire basket. Although not designed specifically for toting a camera, various accessories make this a very appealing option for bikepacking shutterbugs, as well as anyone looking for a bag that’s both practical for camping trips and around town…

  • Kokopelli Launches Rogue-Lite Packraft on Kickstarter

    Kokopelli Launches Rogue-Lite Packraft on Kickstarter

    💬7    Feb 14    📝logan    / News

    Kokopelli Packraft introduces the Rogue series of boats. The new bikerafting-friendly Rogue-Lite is the lightest packraft in their fleet and you can get it at an early-bird discount on Kickstarter…

  • Panniers vs Bikepacking Bags

    Panniers vs Bikepacking Bags

    💬71    Feb 14    📝franzi-wernsig    / Bikepacking Bags

    Thinking of converting from a traditional bike touring setup to bikepacking bags? Here’s how it went for Franzi and Jona mid-trip during their around-the-world journey. Plus, weight and volume analysis for ‘panniers vs bikepacking bags’, as well as a detailed insight into transforming your overweight bike touring kit to a slimline bikepacking rig and why you might consider such a metamorphosis…

  • Blackburn Tradesman Multi-Tool: Fix More, Make Friends

    Blackburn Tradesman Multi-Tool: Fix More, Make Friends

    💬9    Feb 12    📝miles-arbour    / Accessories

    “Fix stuff, split links, win kudos.” The Blackburn Tradesman Multi-tool incorporates a quick link remover, chain breaker, disc pad spreader, all of the torx and hex wrenches you’ll ever need, and a few other surprises that should be essential to every bikepacker’s tool kit. Why not keep them all in one place?

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